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On Saturday, June 16th, hundreds of au pairs from all over the world met up in 12 different U.S. cities to perform in a flashmob. The idea came from Annika Jung, a Cultural Care au pair from Germany living with a family on Long Island, NY, just weeks after she arrived in the U.S.

She was looking for an adventure and searched for “special adventures in the USA” online and came up with the idea for a flashmob. She says:

The White House, built in 1792 and home to all U.S. presidents since President John Adams, is arguably the most famous house in the world. Annually, thousands upon thousands of visitors from across the United States and the globe visit what was once referred to as ‘the President’s Palace’. This spring, 18 DC area au pairs had the amazing opportunity to visit this beloved American landmark.

Author: AuPairCare

No matter what country you come from, food is regarded as a way of bringing people together and sharing something integral to your personal culture. And food recently brought together a group of au pairs who gathered at an international potluck to learn more about each other's culinary cultures and enjoy yummy treats from all over the globe.

Author: AuPairCare

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