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Clara Magalhaes, an exchange student from Belgium, recently wrote about the struggles she first experienced when beginning her high school year abroad and how she overcame them. As it is the case for many exchange students, making friends at a new school in a new country, and in a foreign language, was a challenge for her at first but Clara made some small changes that ended up having big results.

Read her story:

CHI USA Summer Work Travel participant Alex Margau, from Romania, recently took the time to write an essay describing his experience and personal growth while participating in the CHI seasonal program. CHI USA Summer Work Travel offers international university students a unique opportunity to intimately experience life and culture in the U.S. during their school break. Please enjoy Alex’s wonderful essay describing the time he spent in Dallas, Texas this summer.

Essay by Alex Margau, Romania

By CHI AYP student Tine from Germany

“Being an exchange student is awesome.”

“I had the best year of my life.”

“I learned so much about myself.”

That is what people told me about a year ago. These were people who had already been abroad. They told me about how wonderful it was, and how the exchange experiences have changed them forever. I was truly inspired by their energy, and the passion they had, and I was so curious about how my year abroad would teach me my “life lesson”.

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