We are raising children, who will compete in a global economy. Studying key foreign languages not only gives them a competitive edge but has also been shown to expand their creative thinking. Parents in the community have found a good way to prepare their children for these expanding cultural frontiers by participating in the Au Pair Program, which brings in young adults from other countries to assist in the caring of their children, for up to two years.

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InterExchange Work & Travel USA participants recently had the chance to enjoy a truly American experience: attending a baseball game. For most, it was the first baseball game they had ever seen firsthand.

In New York, over 30 international students joined InterExchange staff members to watch the Staten Island Yankees play the Aberdeen Ironbirds on July 17th.

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At a recent lunch hosted by InterExchange, Jill Harrington, the Executive Director of the North Country Ministry (NCM), thanked the international students for helping solicit donations for NCM and recognized the importance of cultural exchange for both the Lake George community and for Americans interested in going abroad to learn about other cultures and countries.

Summer Work Travel USA international students, host employers and other members of the community attended to deliver their collected donations and spend time with their peers and colleagues from Lake George.

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