On a cold and windy November day, eight au pairs from five different countries joined forces to raise more than $700 for an Autism Speaks walk in Pennsylvania.

The au pairs, who are part of two different clusters in the Philadelphia area, held three fundraisers before the day of the event and surpassed their goal of $500 by $200. And even though the actual day of the walk was cold, the hearts of the au pairs were warm.

The following are some of the thoughts they shared after the event:

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That bitter sweet moment when you have to return home after being somewhat of a surrogate mom in the U.S. for two years. The day when leaving the two-year-old who has been a constant companion since your arrival, has come and you’re headed back to see your own family.

Doreen Mueller returned home to Germany this past year and her heart practically broke having to leave the family and friends she made during her two-year stay as an Au Pair.

In Doreen's words:

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From the beaches of New Zealand to the frozen Alaskan Glaciers, Gabriella Finlayson’s Au Pair cultural exchange has been nothing less than breathtaking.

Gabrielle’s primary motivation for becoming an Au Pair was for more childcare experience as she hopes to return home and work in the childcare field in New Zealand. Along with her hopes of expanding her resume, Gabrielle has fulfilled her dreams of ‘living with no regrets’ in the United States.

During her time here Gabrielle said she has built lifelong relationships with her host family.

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An Au Pair can become mom’s built-in best friend and a big sister to the kids, which of course also makes dad happy. This unique friendship and daily childcare also keeps busy families all on the same page.

“Our Au Pairs feel like an older sister rather than another parent,” said Host Dad Joe Budelli from California.

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Growing up, Macion Chagas from Sao Paul Brazil dreamt of the day he could travel the world; now as a young adult, Macion is living his dreams. Macion spent this past year living with a host family caring for two young children in New Jersey and he describes his experience here in the United States as one-of-a-kind. 

Macion’s Brazilian culture and the American culture he has come to know here in the United States are so different that a big part of the cultural immersion process has included learning a new language, social skills and everyday routines.

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