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The majority of families and au pairs beginning the au pair program meet for the first time when the au pair arrives in the USA. For the Santos family of Maryland and their French au pair Sophie, that wasn’t soon enough! Over the summer, the Santos’ traveled to France, met Sophie’s family and went to Paris together. Here are some highlights of their adventure, in host mom Angela’s own words.

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Host families on the J-1 Secondary School program open their hearts and homes to foreign exchange students from around the world for a period of 5 months up to one academic year. CCI Greenheart's host parents, Gretchen and Mike, have hosted two foreign exchange students with disabilites, Natasha and Faruk. While Gretchen and Mike have found the experience of hosting foreign exchange students with disabilities challenging at times, they agree that overall it has been a deeply rewarding experience.

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Saying good bye and welcoming new au pairs can be a difficult, and an exciting time for veteran host families. Read this heartwarming story about the process of interviewing and asking their future au pair if she'd like to join their family, submitted by Cultural Care host mother, Lindsay Wallin:

Carlos, in partnership with Proyecto Asis in Costa Rica, was awarded the first ever Global Partners: Running Waters Scholarship to participate in the CCI Greenheart Volunteer Homestay Program, a program allowing participants to volunteer with environmental, humanitarian or education organizations while living with an American host family. Carlos stayed in Milwaukee, WI for 4 weeks in July 2012. Below Carlos reflects about his volunteer experience in Milwaukee, WI.

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“Tonight he told us he has seen 4 kinds of dogs in America: a small dog, a big dog, a hot dog, and a corn dog, all with a twinkle in his eye.” (Ryan and Stacy, first-time host parents to Minh from Vietnam)

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Thanksgiving is an important American holiday that au pairs love to celebrate with their host families.  The Suffolk County cluster of Au Pair in America took the time to express what they were grateful for this Thanksgiving. Here is a sampling of what they said:

Host Families are grateful to their au pairs because:

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This summer, Katrina and John Ohl and their two daughters, Kristina and Liana, hosted an au pair reunion like none other in Munich, Germany.  Since 1995, the Ohl family has hosted 17 Cultural Care au pairs – most from Germany or Austria, and one from Poland. Host mother Katrina explained that just as she grew up bi-lingual, “We wanted our children to have the experience of cultura

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