J-1 Trainee

Many participants of the J-1 Trainee program embrace the opportunity of taking their exchange experience a step further by getting involved in community service and the volunteer movement in the United States.

Author: CCI Greenheart

It's never TOO early for children to start learning about the world around us.

That is why, since 2009, Cultural Vistas has celebrated International Education Week by coordinating an annual event providing our international interns and trainees with opportunities to visit a New York City public school and give presentations on their home culture, customs, and traditions.

Author: Cultural Vistas

Yuri packed her suitcase full of all she needed for one year in the U.S., piling a stack of Japanese school supplies on top in preparation for her volunteer work. Excitedly, she boarded a plane from Tokyo to Honolulu as a trainee on the Center for Cultural Interchange's Career Advancement Program (CAP).

Author: CCI Greenheart

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