Au Pair is “Rock Star Volunteer”!

Many volunteers at the Spring Hill RECenter in McLean, Virginia hail from other countries, like Marie Duval, a French au pair with Au Pair in America.

While her host family’s children were in school, Marie spent her free time assisting with day-to-day operations at Spring Hill. This included anything from keeping the fitness room machines clean to helping with landscaping around the grounds.

As the end of Marie’s au pair year approached, a Spring Hill staff member reflected:

“I can't begin to tell you how our staff will miss her weekly presence at Spring Hill. She does it all… Marie is a genuine Rock Star Volunteer and we feel so incredibly blessed to have this wonderful partnership with our Au Pair agencies that refer their incredible staff to volunteer at our RECenter. Marie has been the total package that showcases how volunteers truly Power our Parks.”

While lending her time and talents to the Spring Hill RECenter, Marie gained so much in return, especially the opportunity to practice her English and learn about American culture through the customers she encountered.

Volunteering is a great way for au pairs to connect with Americans in the communities where they live and clearly Marie Duval took full advantage of this opportunity for cultural exchange and left a lasting impression on the people of the Spring Hill RECenter.

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