Au pairs in Pennsylvania participate in Autism Speaks Walk

On a cold and windy November day, eight au pairs from five different countries joined forces to raise more than $700 for an Autism Speaks walk in Pennsylvania.

The au pairs, who are part of two different clusters in the Philadelphia area, held three fundraisers before the day of the event and surpassed their goal of $500 by $200. And even though the actual day of the walk was cold, the hearts of the au pairs were warm.

The following are some of the thoughts they shared after the event:

“It makes you feel part of life. It is a great feeling to be there for someone and help them in whatever they are struggling with,” said Au Pair Tania de Lange from South Africa.

Cosima-Valentina Kunz, an Au Pair from Germany noted:

“It is great to do something in the community you are living and help other people.”

And Au Pair Monica Hinestoza from Columbia shared:

“I like to volunteer because some good energy comes to you. You do something good and something good will happen to you.”

The Au Pairs who participated in the walk came from Mexico, Germany, Columbia, Hungary, and South Africa. The time and money they donated will go to supporting individuals with Autism and the work of Autism Speaks. Go Au Pair’s Au Pairs will hold this volunteer experience forever in their hearts.

Author: Go Au Pair