International au pairs love St. Louis

International au pairs in the St. Louis region joined forces recently with a local non-profit organization, Love the Lou, which works to positively impact the community of St. Louis city through restoration efforts and connecting resources to the needs of the city. Love the Lou brings a positive impact in areas of the city that are struggling. One of the many ongoing projects is to beautify and maintain neighborhood gardens that are located in areas of the city that are stricken with crime, poverty, and little sense of community. These gardens promote positive changes such as a means to grow fresh vegetables and foods, a beautiful place to gather, and resources for future plans such as planting ingredients for salsa to make and sell or work opportunities for community teenagers that are a part of a mentorship program.

There were many smiles throughout the day during what was sometimes labor intensive work. AuPairCare au pairs from Italy, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Colombia, and France worked in one of the neighborhood gardens building a fence, moving bricks and cement blocks, cleaning up trash, landscaping, shoveling mulch, and planting plants and flowers.

Alex, from Spain, shared:

“We are really happy to be here helping these people and gardening and doing this work here. For this year St Louis is going to be our city and we want it to be a beautiful place and make their lives better too. We are very grateful to be here.”

Many AuPairCare au pairs expressed enjoying the day and feeling that organizations like this are very important.

Andrea from Colombia stated:

“This is the beginning for big things. We are here just doing a few things doing the best work that we can… probably in a few weeks, a month, and a year, big things are going to happen in this neighborhood and we are going to see the change and we are going to be so proud of the neighborhood and community.”

St. Louis AuPairCare Area Director, Sarah Marsh, wanted to share that even with the recent struggles that have taken the forefront in their city in recent months, there are positive things happening in even the most distressed communities. A highlight of the day was seeing a ‘little library house’ added to the garden area that was constructed from donations contributed by the au pair group. The little library has a ‘take a book, leave a book’ policy and allows neighbors to read and share books for kids and adults of all ages. The AuPairCare au pair group also collected and donated approximately 200 books for children and teens of all ages to the little library project. This added touch made an already special experience even more personal to the au pair group by doing something a little extra for the neighborhood kids.

Author: AuPairCare