Au pairs volunteer at the Marin Hayday Fair

With the sun shining bright, over 2,500 local residents in California’s North Bay Area took full advantage of the hot weather and enjoyed Marin’s annual Hayday event. The old-fashioned county fair is held in a local pasture, and the funds raised support the Belvedere-Tiburon Library’s children and teen programs and services. A little heat didn’t discourage a group of au pairs from joining in the festivities, meeting local residents and volunteering at a number of stations during the event. The au pairs had been hearing for weeks about this event from their host parents and children but didn’t quite know what to expect until they arrived. They were pleasantly surprised by the how large the event was, and that it was run entirely by volunteers of all age groups!

The au pairs spent their time helping to run a petting zoo, bounce house and even a nail and hair station - there was something for everyone and the au pairs were happy to do their part.

“I was so surprised to find that people were so helpful and volunteer so much in this area,” mentioned Lais from Brazil.

Au pairs felt that volunteering while in another country is a perfect opportunity to fully experience cultural exchange, meet new people and become part of their new community.

Jasmine from Sweden said, “I went to “Hayday" last year and it was so much fun, so this year I wanted to contribute to the fun by volunteering. We don't have these sort of things in Sweden, but I live in the country side, so it did feel a little like home.“

In total the nine au pairs joined together, motivating each other to break out of their comfort zone and interact with new people, and left feeling more confident about their new country and host community.

Anna from Poland described it this way, "I volunteered at the face painting booth and it was really fun. It was hard to do at first, but once you got into it was not hard at all and just enjoyable. It was fun to see all the excited kids and to see and help with their imagination. One little boy asked me if I had tiger ears and a tail after I did a tiger on his face - I thought that was funny.“

Louise from Denmark shared, “The best moments of the day was definitely the comments and smiles from the kids and their parents.”

Author: AuPairCare

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