Au pairs Participate in a Day of New Experiences and Learning

When many au pairs hear about traditional winter experiences in the United States, they typically take place in the Northern part of the country, where colder weather provides ample opportunities for skiing, skating or sledding. While these experiences may not naturally be possible in South Carolina, a group of au pairs from Greenville were determined to enjoy these American winter activities! Au pairs from South Africa, Brazil, Sweden and Colombia met on a brisk afternoon to experience “Ice on Main,” an open-air ice skating rink in the heart of downtown Greenville, South Carolina. For most, this was their first time trying ice skating and they greatly enjoyed gliding, giggling and holding on to one another ask they skated away the afternoon.

Many of the girls found it to be more difficult than they expected, but au pair Alicia shared that she “loved trying out ice skating in America” as the experience “reminded her of home” since it was a favorite pastime of hers back in South Africa! By the end of the session most of the au pairs were starting to find their groove, but were ready to take a rest from the ice and continue the rest of their outing - exploring the city center of Greenville, SC.

Area Director Susanne Willis lead the group for a stroll through downtown, pointing out some of the historically significant buildings and sharing information about how the surrounding areas had been settled. The au pairs were very engaged and found it interesting that Greenville was about 250 years old! They were also intrigued to learn that it functioned as retreat during the Civil War, and had begun taking shape about 100 years prior. Along the walk, they stopped at the statue of Joel Poinsett. Susanne shared that Mr. Poinsett had represented South Carolina as a member of the House of Representatives, and had been the first United States agent in South America. He even sent back samples of a plant he encountered in Mexico to the U.S., which is now widely known as the “Poinsettia.” The girls were very interested in his significance and also found it to be the perfect opportunity for a quick photo opp.

Moa from Sweden had this to say about the experience:

“My experience in downtown Greenville was amazing. It’s always great to learn about your new home, and I had not spent much time in the city center, so it was great to explore and learn. We have a great group of au pairs!”

Angela of South Africa shared this about her new home:

“Downtown Greenville is a very cozy place, I would definitely like to go back. I really enjoyed the different activities today!”


Author: AuPairCare