WashPost: "Twitter diplomacy" embraced by the State Department

An article in yesterday’s Washington Post details the role Twitter is now playing in the foreign policy world—the social media site has not only helped facilitate communication in such politically turbulent nations as Iran and Tunisia, but is also being used as a communications tool by senior U.S. government officials. The article focuses on the tweets of P.J. Crowley, Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs and the Department’s primary spokesman (@PJCrowley), and how he has, in recent days, used the medium to “to knock down rumors, amplify U.S. policy positions, appeal for calm and urge reforms in Haiti, Tunisia and Lebanon.”

A number of other prominent State Department officials are also using Twitter in their work, including Ann Stock, Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs (@AnnatState); Alec Ross, the Secretary of State’s Senior Advisor for Innovation (@AlecJRoss); and Farah Pandith, the Department’s Special Representative to Muslim Communities (@FarahPandith).