Chronicle: Title VI-Fulbright Hays programs cut by 40% in final FY11 approps bill

The continuing resolution to fund the remainder of FY 2011, expected to be approved by Congress this week, includes sharp cuts to foreign language and international academic programs in the Department of Education, the Chronicle for Higher Education reports.

According to the Chronicle, Department of Education programs authorized by Title VI of the Higher Education Act and the Fulbright-Hays Act would be cut by $50 million, a 40 per cent cut, and reduce these programs’ allocation to $76 million.

Concerning the potential cuts, Miriam A. Kazanjian, consultant with the Coalition for International Education, said, “A cut of that magnitude to such small programs really has a huge impact. It would be devastating.” Title VI-Fulbright Hays programs would be rolled back to 2001 levels, Kazanjian noted.

University international programs would also be greatly affected by the cuts. William I. Brustein, Ohio State University’s vice provost of global strategies and international affairs, said that OSU’s six international research centers that receive federal funds would be decimated: "They would be bare bones and without legs," Brustein said.