New EducationUSA website expands resources for prospective international students

EducationUSA has launched a new website to reach and inform a broader audience of prospective international students about opportunities to study in the U.S., The Pie News reports.

The website supports the State Department’s existing network of more than 400 EducationUSA advising centers around the world. In a statement to The Pie News, Anthony Koliha, director of the State Department’s office of global educational programs, explains that new platform enables EducationUSA to interact with more students abroad:

“We recognize that it is impossible to meet the demand solely by in-person services… which is why we deploy the most effective technological platforms to reach larger audiences of prospective students ‘where they are.’”

The new site offers an array of resources in over 90 languages and has attracted positive feedback for its design. According to The Pie News, last year the old website received 1.8 million page visits. The State Department hopes to increase engagement through the use of technology; the new site is fully accessible on mobile devices as well.

The EducationUSA website provides prospective students with information about how to apply to U.S. colleges and universities, financial aid opportunities, regional news and trends, and U.S. campus news and events posted by staff at each respective institution. A key feature of the new website is the addition of resources tailored for foreign institutions and governments as well.

The site will continue to add resources in the coming months, according to Koliha.