Senate Appropriations committee marks up FY 13 allocations; $53 billion for State Foreign Ops

At the markup of the 302(b) allocations for FY13, the Senate Appropriations Committee yesterday approved an allocation of $53 billion for State-Foreign Operations, which includes Department of State exchange programs. This allocation consists of $49.8 billion in base funding and $3.2 billion in funding for Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO).

As the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC) explains, “the allocation is effectively flat (0.4% below) compared to total current funding and 2.9% below the President’s request. However, the Senate allocation provides a much-needed increase from the FY12 base funding level of $42 billion and would restore base funding to close to FY10 levels.”

USGLC notes that subcommittee action on the State Foreign Ops Appropriations bill could possibly begin in the next couple of weeks and that the very positive Senate allocation will likely be “a stark contrast” to the House allocation.

Alliance conversations with the Hill indicate that the House markup for the State Foreign Operations bill is likely to happen in mid-May.

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