House funds exchanges at $586.957 million for FY13

The House State-Foreign Operations Appropriations Subcommittee funded educational and cultural exchange programs at $586.957 million for FY 2013, exactly even with the President’s FY13 request and approximately 2 per cent below the final FY 2012 appropriation for exchanges of $598.8 million.

The House Appropriations Committee released its full State-Foreign Operations appropriations bill last night (download the bill here; see page 7 for the exchanges line item), and the State-Foreign Ops Subcommittee approved the bill by voice vote late this morning.

The bill totals $40.1 billion in regular discretionary funding, which is $2 billion (or 5 per cent) below last year’s level. The State Department as a whole received a total of $12.9 billion in funding for operational costs, a decrease of $433 million from last year’s level and $1.5 billion below the President’s FY 13 request.

The Senate will take up its own version of the State-Foreign Operations bill as early as mid-next week.