Clinton stresses international cooperation at the Council on Foreign Relations

In her remarks to the Council on Foreign Relations on Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton highlighted the importance of international cooperation and the need for “a network of alliances and partnerships, regional organizations and global institutions, that is durable and dynamic enough to help us meet today’s challenges and adapt to threats that we cannot even conceive of.”

In her speech, which provided an overview of major foreign policy issues facing the U.S., Clinton stressed America’s role as a global leader, emphasizing that “the United States can, will, and must lead in this new century.” She pointed out that American “openness and innovation, … determination and devotion to core values” have never been more needed by the international community.

Clinton went on to outline the U.S. strategy of global leadership, which comprises two constants – “national renewal” and “international diplomacy” – and consists of several major steps. These steps include the reinvigoration of “America’s commitment to be an active transatlantic, transpacific, and hemispheric leader,” a deepened engagement with “emerging centers of influence” such as Mexico and Turkey, and the above-mentioned efforts to maintain and strengthen a network of international alliances.

In this effort to build international partnerships, reengaging with and modernizing global institutions such as the United Nations, as well as continued close cooperation with NATO and the European Union, are of vital importance, as is supporting partners in the developing world, Clinton remarked. According to the Secretary of State,

“Solving foreign policy problems today requires [America] to think both regionally and globally, to see the intersections and connections linking nations and regions and interests, to bring people together as only America can.”

In her remarks, Clinton mentioned the “first-ever Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR),” a review of State and USAID activities that will be released in a few weeks time.