Rep. Chu: Language learning prepares for global economy of tomorrow

Expressing her strong support of the Providing Resources to Improve Dual Language Education (PRIDE) Act (HR 3753) and noting that she will soon introduce a bill focused on early language education, Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) argued for the promotion of multilingualism in American schools in an op-ed in The Hill last week:

Lacking international knowledge and experience, many of today’s young Americans aren’t prepared for the increasingly global economy of tomorrow. This shortcoming limits our ability to address future international challenges. It restrains our relationships with other nations and could someday threaten our national security.

Moreover, studies show that learning a second language improves cognitive flexibility. Because dual language learners naturally consider multiple meanings for words, they’re better able to manage complex situations. And that’s a skill our next generation of supervisors and executives can all use.

That’s why legislation that creates a multilingual society is so important. These programs don’t just promote a second language; they advance the American workforce.

Rep. Chu also spoke in support of language education at a policy briefing in July that examined the Excellence and Innovation in Language Learning Act (HR 6036), introduced in the House on July 30.


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