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Funding cuts to the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX), a bilateral exchange program supported jointly by the U.S. and Germany, are facing bipartisan criticism from members of Congress, as well as from the German government. In addition to opposition from CBYX program alumni, the cuts have “spawned an unusual coalition in Washington that is working hard to reverse the partial defunding of the program,” Deutsche Welle reports.

Secretary of State John Kerry, throughout the past two days, testified before several congressional committees with regard to the President’s FY16 State Department budget request.

Several veteran members of Congress are urging their colleagues to travel abroad more, according to Roll Call. Frequent Congressional travelers make the case that international travel is vital for Members to do their jobs effectively, and that there is great value in legislators better understanding the international context in which they govern. As Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) explains:

President Obama last night signed into law the FY15 “cromnibus” funding bill (H.R. 83), passed by Congress last week, according to a White House press release.

The Senate on Saturday night cleared the $1.1 trillion FY15 “cromnibus” spending bill that would keep the federal government funded through September 2015. According to, the measure passed the Senate 56-40 and “President Obama has indicated he will sign the bill.”

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Hours before the expiration of the FY15 Continuing Resolution (CR), and with a narrow vote of 219 to 206, the House of Representatives last night passed the $1.1 trillion FY15 omnibus spending bill that would keep the federal government funded through September 2015.

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Educational and cultural exchange programs are funded at $589.9 million in the FY15 omnibus appropriations bill released last night and expected to be voted on by both Chambers of Congress this week. This funding amount is $12 million more than the President’s FY15 request of $577.9 million and $21.2 million more than the FY14 enacted level of $568.6 million. The FY15 omnibus also contains increases over the FY14 level for every specified program, including:

Congress returns to session today to conclude its lame duck session, and high on its priority list is finalizing FY15 appropriations before the current continuing resolution (CR) expires on December 11. Several scenarios exist for how FY15 appropriations might be handled before Congress adjourns, including:

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Growing concerns about the spread of the Ebola virus may have an impact on international education connections with West Africa, reports the Washington Post. Increased scrutiny of student flows to and from West Africa arose as a second case of Ebola transmission in the U.S.

Congress passed a continuing resolution (CR) that will keep the government funded at current levels through December 11, reports Roll Call. The funding measure will avoid a government shutdown when FY14 funding expires at the end of the month.

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