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This week marked the celebration of two prominent milestones in citizen diplomacy and people-to-people exchanges: the 70th Anniversary of the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) and the 50th Anniversary of the National Council for International Visitors (NCIV).

[UPDATE 1/20/11: Full video of the First Lady's remarks is now available below. Also see President Hu's remarks on exchanges: "It is extremely important to increase exchanges between young people in China and the U.S."]

In letters sent out this week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged U.S. exchange sponsors and higher education leaders to support President Obama’s ‘100,000 Strong’ initiative by doubling the number of students they send to China by 2014.

The Obama initiative, announced by the President during a 2009 Shanghai speech, challenges the U.S. to send 100,000 students to China over the next four years.

In her letter, Clinton states:

At a town hall meeting today with the Omani Civil Society in Muscat, Oman, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stressed the importance education in general, and exchange programs with the U.S in particular, have for Oman’s future.

As Clinton noted,

After providing a sneak preview of the draft summary of its Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR) in late November, the State Department yesterday announced the official release of the first-ever QDDR, “Leading Through Civilian Power.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs Ann Stock addressed a group of 418 Fulbright Foreign Language Assistants last week to express appreciation for the scholars’ contribution to global cooperation and understanding in the spirit of Senator J. William Fulbright.

Introducing Clinton to the group, Stock said:

A draft summary of the Department of State’s Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR) reveals that the review will call for a stronger focus on civilian response to conflict situations, as well as a stronger role for USAID in executing President Obama’s two main foreign aid initiatives (Feed the Future and the Global Health Initiative), the Washington Post recently reported.

At a town hall meeting at Eurasian University in Astana, Kazakhstan, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stressed the role of exchange programs in “Empowering Civil Society for Central Asia’s Future,” as well as in educating Americans about foreign countries and their respective cultures.

During today’s remarks with Lithuanian Foreign Minister Audronius Azubalis, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stressed the cooperation between Lithuania and the U.S. in the field of people-to-people exchanges by noting a new exchange program sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Vilnius.

Clinton remarked:

In her video remarks on the occasion of the 11th annual International Education Week (November 15-19), a joint initiative by the Departments of State and Education, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton emphasized the State Department’s strong commitment to people to people exchanges and its support to expand study abroad opportunities for talented students around the world.

As Clinton noted:

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